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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Hotmelts ERGOTACK are applied for gluing of plastic and paper labels onto PET-bottles, glass bottles, tins, manufactures of sticky tape, the adhesive tape, self-sticked labels, sound- and heat insulating materials on foamed PP, foamed PE, foamed PU,rubber bases etc, flexible woven and nonwoven products (disposable diapers, hygienic linings), mattresses assemblages.

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Technical data



Translucent rubbery mass of white colour, yellow tone are supposed

Translucent rubbery mass of light-yellow to brown colour

Translucent rubbery mass of light-yellow colour

Softening point, °C (ASTM D36)

60 — 75

90 — 105


Shift adhesion failure temperature, SAFT, °C, not more (ASTM D4498)

65, typically 83


Brookfield viscosity at 150°C, mPa·s (ASTM D3236)

500 — 800

20 000 — 30 000

3 000 — 6 000

Density, g/sm3 (ASTM D792)

0,9 — 1,0

0,9 — 1,0

0,9 — 1,0

Pressure Sensitive Adgesive Hot Melt is elastic that allows to save durability of pasting at volume increase PET-bottles under the influence of carbon dioxide gas. Possesses very high initial tack that provides instant fixation of labels on the bottle. Possesses excellent thermal stability. Approaches for high-speed equipement.


Adhesive is delivered in small pillows from PE/EVA film of 0,3...0,6 kg net weight. This packing is designed for melting in tank together with the Hot Melt. ERGOTACK-430 is filled in the cartons with the siliconised papers, one box is 6 kg net weight.

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