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Hot Melt Adhesives in sticks are intended for gluing of different materials (plastic, wood, paper, textile, metal) by hot melt pistols or rollers in the process of packing operations, maintenance or assembly.

Клей в штифтах

Technical data



Yellow colored sticks

Semitransparent sticks of white color

Softening point, °C (ASTM D36)

102 — 112

82 — 92

Brookfield viscosity at 180°C, mPa·s (ASTM D3236)

3 200 — 4 800

6 500 — 9 800

Density, g/sm3 (ASTM D792)

0,9 — 1,1

0,9 — 1,1

The grade ERGOMELT-275 shows excellent performance characteristics at gluing of paper and wood. Main range of it's application is packing of the boxes. Set time is 1 second. The grade ERGOMELT-271 is characterized by longer set time. Set time is 15 seconds. ERGOMELT-271 finds wide application in a hand made works for repair and assembly.


The adhesive is delivered in the sticks with 11,2 mm diameter and 300 mm length in a PE bags or in the boxes in 1 kg.

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