Toll Manufacturing


There are many reasons why companies decide to place their production aside and to be focused on the main business. Outsoursing is viable and reliable alternative in this case.

We offer you toll-manufacturing of your products. Our services include developing and manufacturing thermoplastic products, adhesives, water based emulsions and dispersions. This products can be delivered in form of granules, flakes, plates, sticks, small pillows and in bulk.

We can get raw materials and ship finished product by all types of transport. Also we can get bulk cargoes by rail and heat them up. We have well equiped laboratory, park of tanks for storaging of raw materials in the liquid state, electrical power and gas supply, steam and thermal oil stations, chillers.

The modern equipment of world-leading suppliers allows us to carry out high-pressure homogenization processes, grinding, mixing, under-water granulation, pelletizing, extrusion and film-extrusion, slabbing.